What are UT Dallas entertainment reimbursement limits?

What are UT Dallas' entertainment reimbursement limits?

The reimbursement is based on actual cost, which must be appropriate and reasonable for the location and type of meal.  Generally, this amount will not exceed $75 per person.  The per person cost includes meals, drinks, tax and tips. Gratuities are allowed within reasonable limits
Employees of The University of Texas at Dallas are expected to be good stewards of university funds.  University leadership reserves the right to deny reimbursement of excessive expenditures.  Additional requirements and limits for entertainment expenditures may be promulgated by the Dean, Vice President or Business Officer. 
Reasonable expenses include those normally incurred and expected, considering the business purpose of the event, its attendees and relevant circumstances.
Faculty staff, and students whose travel expenses are funded by sponsored projects funds must adhere to all University Travel and Business Expense Policies, Sponsor specific policies and requirements, and the cost principles as defined by the Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) as part of 2 CFR 200.474 for federally sponsored projects.
Please discuss any extraordinary or potentially questionable expenses with your Vice President, Vice Provost, Dean or Fiscal Officer. 

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