How do I install current updates for my computer?

How do I install current updates for my computer?

Campus computers running Windows should be configured to update Windows automatically, unless your department has a different update schedule. Please contact your department’s technical support staff for more information.

UTD-managed Windows updates are generally released to the campus on Thursday nights. Please make sure you leave your computer powered on overnight on Thursdays to ensure you get these updates when they are released. Non-Windows computers are not automatically updated by UTD, but Mac and Linux machines both can be configured to update automatically. If you have questions about updates for your Windows or non-Windows computers, please contact your department's technical support staff.

For your personal computer:


1. Open Windows Update in Windows 7 or older systems by clicking Start»All Programs»Windows Update. In Windows 8 or 8.1 systems, swipe in from the right edge and navigate to Settings»Change PC settings»Update and Recovery»Windows Update.
2. Click Check for Updates and allow your computer to check Microsoft for updates. You need an internet connection to do this.
3. Install any available updates.
4. You may set up a recurring calendar notification or reminder to do updates once a month if you do not have updates setup to run automatically.


1. If you are running OSX on a personal machine and would like to update your operating system, you will need to check in the App Store for manual checks.  Versions earlier than Mountain Lion will require you to click the Software Update option in the Apple Menu.
2. Apple notifies users on Macs once system updates or application updates are available.  Be sure to read through these updates and choose when to update them accordingly.

In addition to patching the operating system, you should also keep your applications up to date. Security patches are released frequently by software vendors for Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Acrobat, Java, and more. Third party patching can be arranged automatically with the Office of Information Technology's tool called SCCM. If you are interested in setting up SCCM for your UT Dallas computer, contact your department’s technical support staff.

For more information, the Information Security Office is reachable at or 972.883.6810.

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