How do I obtain my 1098-T form?

How do I obtain my 1098-T form?

1098-T forms are generated for students who have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) on file with the Registrar’s Office, and who have paid tuition and fee expenses in the tax year in question.

For your 1098-T form to be automatically generated, you must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) on file with the University Registrar’s Office.

To apply for a SSN, use Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card, available from your local Social Security Administration office or via  You may also obtain this form by calling 1-800-772-1213.

Additional information on applying for a SSN can be found at

To apply for an TIN because you are not eligible to get a SSN, use Form W-7,Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, available from the IRS website at or by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676). 

Then, provide a copy of the valid TIN or SSN card to the Registrar’s Office to get a 1098-T processed.

Access your online 1098-T as follows:

1. Go to
2. Click Access my Record in the left menu.
3. Enter your Social Security Number and your last name, and click Login.
4. If a 1098-T form is available for your Social Security Number, you will be prompted to create a password.
5. Follow the instructions on the site to enter verifying security information and obtain a password.  
6. After security steps are complete, your name, address and other personal information will be displayed. If you are enrolled in more than one school, select the year and school for which you would like to get the 1098-T form.
7. You can print information from the View My 1098-T Tax Form and View My Financial Information pages.
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